Author Guidlines

  1. Articles written are expected to contain more than 4,000 words and less than 8,000 words, derived from original scientific papers, and can be accounted academically.
  2. The article includes an abstract written in Indonesian and English. Abstract consists of 150 to 200 words written in one paragraph and uses 4 to 5 keywords.
  3. The article has never been published through publication media, books, and seminars anywhere.
  4. The writer includes the name (without a degree), email and institution in the submitted article
  5. By submitting an article, the writer is willing to submit scientific papers along with complete content (data, tables, illustrations, abstracts, etc.) to the editors of Journal of Tax Policy, Economics, and Accounting (TAXPEDIA)
  6. Reference citations and bibliography using the American Psychological Association (APA) style: 
    • If the writer's name is in a paragraph or citation, then include the year and page after the author's name.
      • Fisher (1999, p. 98) argues that...
    • If the writer's name is not included in the citation, the writer's name, year and page are included at the end of the citation.
      • This macroeconomic theory was born out of the publication of a book entitled the general theory of employment (Priyono & Chandra, 2016)
    • If the reference contains two or three writers, include the last name of each writer separated by commas and without the (&) symbol at the end of the citation.
      • (Sloman, Garratt & Guest, 2018).
    • For more than three writers, include the last name of the main writer.
      • (Robinson et al., 2006).
    • Reference books with one and two writers:
      •          Mustaqiem. (2014). Perpajakan dalam Konteks Teori dan Hukum Pajak di Indonesia. Yogyakarta: Buku Litera
      •          Priyono & Chandra, Teddy. (2016). Esensi Ekonomi Makro. Sidoarjo: Zifatama Publisher
    • References are from journal articles:
      •           Mariyudi. (2017). Perspektif Lingkungan Makro dan Lingkungan Mikro terhadap Inovasi dan Kinerja Perkembangan Usaha UKM. Jurnal Ekonomi dan Bisnis. Volume 17, No. 1
    • References are from website:
      •           American Sociological Association. (2006). Status Committees. Washington, DC: American Sociological Association. Retrieved December 12, 2006 (http://www.asanet. org/cs/root/leftnav/committees/committees)